About Us

How did we come up with this idea?

Have you ever run into one of these scenarios?

Scenario 1

Parent (to child).... “We need to be in the car, NOW”

Child (to parent).... (start of tears coming) “I'm trying. “

a minute goes by....

Parent (to child)..... “We need to leave. What are you DOING?” Yell

Child (to parent)..... “I'm trying to tie my shoes.    I hate this.    I can't do anything.     I'm not going.” Cry

And then a full set of tears of frustration come out, you are running a little late so you feel the anger and frustration welling up inside yourself. Now you are faced with:

     * a tearful child

     * a child who feels defeated and in some cases, stupid

     * your OWN frustration because now you and/or your child are going to be later than you wanted

     * the shoes are STILL not tied

     * your morning (or evening) has started on a negative vibe

If only there was a way to easily teach your child to tie their shoes. One that made it easier for ANY kid to learn. That one task would then:

     * give the child confidence in tying their shoes

     * have less frustration for your child over a daily task

     * gives YOU less frustration because it's one less thing your child needs help with

     * start your morning (or evening) off on a better vibe.


Scenario 2

You are an avid sports fan or you know one. You know who I'm talking about...

     * the ones who get on TV with their faces painted in team colors

     * the ones who wear ONLY team colors while the sport is in season.

     * the ones who know ALL the team players (even the ones on the bench) and all the stats and know when and where the next game is.


If only you could outdo the avid sports fan with even MORE team colors or give the sports fan something they truly would never think of but would catapult them into MOST AVID SPORTS FAN of the year (or at least among friends)

YOU ARE NOT ALONE.   Most of us have had at LEAST one of the above scenarios, if not both.

I have three kids. One simply refuses to tie his shoes, one learned exceptionally early and would tie her friends' shoes in pre-school and then there was number 3. By the third kid, someone does everything for him because no one has the time to wait for him to walk, run, get dressed, feed himself much less tie his shoes. Then I started thinking....what would make it easier for him to learn to do his OWN shoes.

Over the next couple of months I came up with an idea to make the left half a different color than the right half. Many trial and errors later I had my first successful Tye (shoelace). My youngest was 4-ish at the time so this was also reinforcing his color recognition while giving him cool colors to match his shoes. When we felt the time was right and we had time, which was over spring break one year, we recorded his journey of learning how to tie his shoes. We posted his progress on our YouTube channel where you can watch it. He was 5 at the time. Since then, he has been able to tie his shoes all by himself.

We have had success with OT's and educational institutions specifically for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) use our Tyes for teaching their kids to tie their shoes.

As we started getting our Tyes out to the public, we noticed sports fans were interested. We do have one or two AVID sports fans in the house and they don't agree on the same teams at times. Our sports fans customers can now buy their favorite sports teams colors and wear them proudly!

It is that simple to start solving this one task in every childs life that they have to master at some point. We custom make every Tye to your specifications. If they want yellow and blue on one shoe and pink and red on the other...DONE! We can do that. We have a page of examples and our order page ready and waiting for your order!


Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Step 1: Ask your child who is learning to tie shoes what colors they want their Tyes to be.  If this is for a sports fan, figure out what the team colors are (or ask us)

Step 2: Order the Tyes from here

Step 3: When they arrive, lace up the shoes with the Tyes.

Step 4: Watch our videos of our youngest learning to tie his shoes and how he explains it (peer to peer sometimes alleviates anxiety) or if you have your own way to teach shoe tying...do it your way! Remember to use the color names to start rather than the right and left side.

Step 5: In as little as a day (some have done it in a day) or a week (my son mastered it in a week of not-so-diligent-practice) your child will be tying shoes like a pro.