Teaching Tyes


Teaching Tyes™ are aimed at kids learning to tie their shoes, no matter the age or ability. Since the laces are bi-colored (two tone), it not only makes it easier to explain HOW to tie the shoe, it reinforces color recognition.

To engage the child in this endeavor, have THEM pick out 2 or 3 colors (bi- or tri-colored) they want to learn with. The Tyes do not even have to match each other.

Teaching Tyes™ can also be an easier way to teach kids with various physical or mental challenges. By having two contrasting colors it makes it easier to understand the concept of tying.


Step 1...order desired shoelaces by clicking here 

Step 2.…put the bi or tri-colored laces in the shoes

Step 3...determine how you're going to have child tie shoes. Two loops around each other or one around a loop?

Step 4...Practice practice and practice and have FUN!!!!

Number of Colors

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